Candidates are just as important to us as our clients

At Harrison Frazer, we recognise that the distinction between Candidates and Clients should be kept ‘grey.’ Candidates are just as important to us as our clients – and in fact, in many cases, we serve the same individuals in both capacities.


We have excellent knowledge of your industry.
We assist with offer management.
We have your best interests at heart.


Changing roles can often be a very daunting process, overcast with doubt and uncertainty. We are here to help navigate our candidates through a seemingly complex web of opportunities. Whilst it is important that we provide a service to our candidates to ‘open doors’ to various opportunities – we do not adopt a scatter-gun approach. A lack of focus can be disastrous for a candidate’s success in his or her search. Each of our Consultants are trained in their respective industry, and so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Most importantly, our Consultants are trained to listen. We take the time to dive deep in to your career history, current situation, ambition, requirements, and motivations to construct your perfect role. From here, we create a portfolio of the closest matches possible from within our extensive client network. Additionally, our Consultants take a very active Advisory role in your search – we provide specialist advice on the level of salary you can expect, how you are currently positioned in the market, and how to strengthen your profile (CV etiquette and interview preparation) for the best possible outcome from your search.

To be absolutely certain of a successful placement, we assist with the offer process and salary negotiations also. You will be guided every step on the way to ensure that your chances of success with your desired next role are maximised in every respect.



Make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Keep it simple. Ensure your resume highlights important aspects from your career listed in chronological order. Include your career history, education, skills and achievements. Ensure that your CV is tailored to the role your applying for, broken up with bulletpoints. Don't include fancy images, graphics and designs as employers are more interested in your background than pictures.

Picture of a resume

Go in with the mindset to succeed.

Before attending an interview, ensure that you've done your homework. Don't ever go in feeling unprepared. Research the company, the market it operates in and it's products and services. Prepare some good quesitons to ask the interviewer such as questions about the companies business plan, training and development programmes and what they would like to see in the ideal candidate. Don't forget to preare for the typical questions that the interviewer will ask.

Interview Tips


"Amber and Harrison Frazer helped us recruit our new President & CEO for Curetis USA Inc. Outstanding project management, great execution, unwavering customer commitment and superb communications from A to Z. Within a short period of time, she had identified a top-notch candidate talent pool and helped us manoeuvre through a time which was really challenging, given the public company status for Curetis."

Oliver Schacht
CEO at Curetis, N.V.

"I have worked with a few recruiters throughout my career and Joseph has topped the list. He was always on point, transparent and never overbearing. From our first conversation, I felt like he knew exactly how my skill set could benefit my (potential) company and in turn, (and most importantly) how they could benefit me. He made sure that I was comfortable and informed throughout the entire interview process."

Kay Witte
Global Director of Operational Excellence at Beckers Group

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